Wireless Solutions

Wireless is one of the fastest growing and changing technologies. The shift in how customers do business using wireless technology can be unimaginable.

  • Corporate liable platform
  • Employee liable platform
  • Corporate discount plans
  • Multi Vendor environments
  • Customized Web based portal links
  • Updated inventory and promotional programs
  • Billing reviews
  • Accessories
  • Asset tagging
  • Overall account management
  • Mobile workforce


Order Fulfillment – StrataLink’s Customers will assist and customize an order fulfillment process that best fits the needs for every individual project. We assist customers in the fulfillment of small to large deployments, where staging new software, porting numbers, communicating with end users, for hundreds of devices at one time. We also develop and support customized corporate employee benefit programs, with creative programs allowing business customers to build good will with their employees.

Employee or Corporate Web Portals - StrataLink Corp. will setup an online shopping cart for your employees / users. Shopping carts can be deployed as employee liable based or corporate purchasing based, or both if required. All transactions and fulfillment is managed by StrataLink. We will provide the necessary reporting for you to track the installations.

Corporate Employee Benefit Programs – StrataLink develops and supports customized corporate employee benefit programs, with creative programs allowing business customers to build good will with their employees. Programs that mirror the Corporate liable program with special discounts, bundled accessory packages, and supported by the same team that manages your corporate liable plan. We assist customers in the development of internal communications, brochures, mail stuffers, e-mails and technology display events to assist in promoting the programs developed with our customers.

Enterprise Implementation Support - StrataLink Corp. has performed many large scale implementations and has the available resources, facilities, and manpower to assist you with your implementations. StrataLink can be hands on if necessary and communicate directly with your users in programming handsets, voicemails, displays, phonebooks, as well as bundling accessories, and managing distribution.

Accessories - StrataLink will assist, coordinate and even bundle the accessories for your user’s new activations and ongoing accessories needs. This can be coordinated through any combination of using your StrataLink account manager, Toll free number or even on our customized web portal for our customers.

Customer Support - Customers needing additional support can count on StrataLink Corp. to provide information, resources, and assistance with small to large opportunities. Customer Care can be simple or extremely complex. Please let us know where you need assistance and well let you know how we can support you.

Wireless Account Management- The StrataLink Solutions Wireless Account Management is designed to help our customers effectively manage the process. This process will be complimented with StrataLink’s resources and tools used to empower our customer’s ability to manage all aspects of wireless services program while complimenting the practices that are already in place within your business. Most importantly, you will not lose control or ownership of your user base.