Legacy Solutions

With emerging new technology and the convergence of voice, data and wireless communications, customers and telecom providers are challenged with managing business change.

New Technology and Services

Managing newer technologies business is less complex: Better performance, lower cost, greater efficiencies, easier to integrate, all upside


Legacy Technology and Services

With existing legacy technology, customers and service providers are equally challenged with maximizing the investments in infrastructure, installed revenue streams, managing write downs and infrastructure, knowledgeable account management, account management turnover, complicated billing, complicated agreements and negotiation process, trouble shooting, project management and implementations,

StrataLink provides our customers with the best overall solutions from selected services of the best service providers. Since we solely represent the customers, our vested interest is in our customer’s best behalf. Our focus is on delivering and demonstrating our value to customers on a sustainable basis. StrataLink has agreements in place with selected partnered service providers, enabling our relationship and account management team, service and resources to be the best possible solutions for our customers.

  • Local Telephone Services
  • Long Distance Services
  • Toll Free Services
  • Data Networking Services
  • Internet Services
  • Telephone Systems
  • Equipment