Account Management and Consulting

As a StrataLink customer, our services include Consulting and Account Management services for voice, data, local, wireless and VPN that is ongoing inventory management, ongoing audit and recovery, and systematic reporting and contract validation. This service will proactively monitor carriers billing for contract compliance or risk significantly overpaying.

When representing our customers as apposed to representing the service providers, our vested interest is insuring that the customers ongoing solutions are configured and managed at the optimal level. Our reputation solely lies in our ability to perform on your behave over sustainable time.

Account Management

Inventory Management and Optimizations
Without a complete and accurate inventory, companies risk over-spending due to billing errors, inefficient purchasing decisions, poor network designs and inaccurate bill payment. The telecom inventory is the first step towards better management of existing assets, reducing spending and identifying areas for future savings. StrataLink’s Account team accelerates the development of an accurate inventory so that companies can recognize these benefits sooner, and periodic updates keep your inventory current and you in control.

Account Reviews / Audits
StrataLink’s audit process measures all key aspects of a telecom services implementation against established contractual criteria, and determines whether the outcome meets those obligations. As part of the Account Review / Audit, our industry analysts review our customer’s invoices against their contractual requirements to ensure that the pricing, discounts, terms, services and taxes are accurate.

Customized Reporting
StrataLink ensures that client invoices are consistent with the rates, terms and services contracted. StrataLink will create simple management reports in formats that are easy to understand. Our reporting also ensures that client company obligations with respect to contract minimums and other terms are met and costly penalties avoided.



Contract Negotiations Assist in the negotiation process for pricing, terms and contract language.
Network Integrations Assist in merging Multi-Carrier networks, solutions and technologies.
Project Management StrataLink will provide all the resources to do all of the coordination, implementation and resolutions for network deployments.
Disaster Recovery Projects Assist in the creation, testing, development and deployment of disaster recovery plans.
Audit and Recovery Reviews Carrier invoices to identify overcharges and assists in the recovery effort.